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Hello, I am Alexis Lee Scott

I have been a practicing attorney primarily in family law for almost 10 years now and if not for art and photography I would probably lose myself.

Ever since I was young I have always been crafty and artistic in my own way. However, I have never considered myself an “artist”.  I made things just for fun and to decorate my own home and office.  Over time friends and family have been so impressed with the pieces I have done for myself they started to ask me for custom pieces. So after some self realization I have acknowledged that there is a artist living within the attorney suit.

I love painting, I love creating, I love trying new ideas, and I love capturing moments. I want to bring what I love to others.  When I am creating a piece I am not creating it for myself but for others.  I don’t consider what I create as ‘mine’.  The art I create and the photos I take hopefully speaks to others and simply brings them joy.

The paintings and mixed media art pieces sometimes begin with a purpose or statement in mind and then other pieces are simply an expression of my mood, the weather, what I am listening to etc. I take care with each piece to make sure they look as professional as possible but at the same time don’t look cookie cutter. Each piece is original and made with love.

My passion to capture life, people, places, and things through the lens comes from my grandfather.  He was a photographer most of his life and I have been fascinated with the medium for as long as I can remember.   I was always the person with a camera handy.  The photography available is from the best of the best pictures from my travels and adventures.

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